Viriato by SMA and Partner AG is a Network Based Timetabling and Strategic Service Planning Tool

The Viriato package is a timetabling tool incorporating rollingstock rostering which allows for the rapid development of regular interval timetables for urban rail operations. The package allows timetables to be displayed in several user friendly formats and allows for easy optimisation of connecting services.

The Viriato software serves as a practical tool for railway timetabling projects with applications including:

  • Strategic infrastructure planning
  • Design and planning of service concepts
  • Slot management and capacity allocation in timetable construction
  • Production and publishing of operational and commercial documents
  • Analysis of performance figures.

Benefits of Viriato Software to Your Organisation

Viriato allows the comparison of alternative scenarios and the option to distinguish where changes have been made. The benefits of using Viriato to simulate network scenarios include:

  • The consideration of the combined effect of all known variables and uncertainties
  • Early detection of problems and conflicts before major decisions are implemented
  • Reduction in design errors in preliminary planning stages
  • Reduction in project implementation length.

The software incorporates a top-down or ‘services-centric’ methodology in its application allowing the user to develop train services first before specifying the network constraints required. Viriato was designed for developing timetables based on coordinated regular interval services and has a range of easy to master tools for that purpose.

Viriato has outputs in formats including Excel and RailML. Timetable exports can be readily used for testing reliability and robustness in OpenTrack.