Financial Assessment

  • Project economic evaluation and cost/benefit analysis
  • Value management studies
  • Due diligence
  • Small railway operational strategies

Project Economic Evaluation, Cost/Benefit Analysis and Value Management Studies

Plateway has developed several maintenance and renewal cost models for infrastructure. These detail and analyse the cost of maintenance on a network basis, can be used to develop economic models, and assist in the case for justification and evaluation of asset renewal and capital project options.

Small Railway Operational Strategies

Plateway has undertaken a number of economic and financial studies to prove the potential for intermodal and commodity haulage, and operation of small freight networks and shortlines. We have developed a number of low-cost, low entry financial models which can be adapted to specific haulage and asset requirements.

Due Diligence

Plateway has conducted due diligence on the condition of rail assets for a variety of clients including ARTC, Gateway Rail, Freight Australia, Patriot Rail, Rail America, Genesee & Wyoming and Pacific National in Australia, New Zealand and the US for use in obtaining lease financing and financing for acquisitions. These exercises have included determining:
  • Infrastructure, plant and inventory condition;
  • Infrastructure asset value;
  • Staff and equipment resourcing requirements for asset maintenance and renewals;
  • Inventory holding and sourcing strategies;
  • Ongoing cost of asset ownership in terms of capital works, renewals and maintenance programs; and
  • Remaining asset service life.
Reports can be documented using our in house data warehousing and digital imaging services.