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Plateway based on over 20 years of railway experience in the field provides training in both the OpenTrack suite of software as well as track inspections. Providing practical training based on Plateway’s extensive experience on the ground. Training to assist your professional development in the railway industry.
Plateway Pty Ltd is the Oceanian, South East Asian, Indian and Southern African distributor of and support organisation for the OpenTrack suite of products.

Training can be delivered in person, in house at your location or at Plateway’s Sydney office. Training can also be delivered online using a combination of self-paced learning and webinars.
Plateway currently offers the following courses:

Self-paced data collection course

This is a self-paced data collection course on OpenLearning for OpenTrack or CLIP, but can be applied to other railway simulation tools. This course is completely online and a quiz is located at the end to ensure the content is understood. It includes:

  • Data collection requirements and their sources prior to using the simulation tool
  • The analysis of data sources
  • The data collection format to efficiently input data into OpenTrack
  • A quiz to understand the content of the course


Plateway provide training, advanced training and a user forum for OpenTrack – one of the world’s leading railway simulation software packages. Training is held twice annually, usually in February and July in Sydney. A user forum and advanced training day is held annually. On-site/in-house and customised training solutions can also be arranged.

At the end of an OpenTrack training course, participants should be able to

  • Recognise how operations are replicated in an OpenTrack micro-simulation
  • Have an understanding of the physical and engineering aspects of the railway and how this influences the OpenTrack program architecture
  • Design and build an operating model of a simple railway and run a short simulation.

The next scheduled OpenTrack training session is the 15 – 19 January 2024 in Sydney. Plateway also offers online training.

For further information or to look at Plateway’s OpenTrack training program, please download the OpenTrack training outline (PDF format):


Plateway as the originator and support provider for CLIP, an OpenTrack add-on for building OpenTrack models quickly provides CLIP training.
This hands on training, provides an overview of the usage of CLIP and builds an example OpenTrack model via CLIP. Plateway also offers the option
At the end of a CLIP training course, participants should be able to:

  • Recognise the important of data collection
  • The operation of CLIP and where it fits into OpenTrack
  • Design and build an OpenTrack model of CLIP
Download CLIP Training Course Outline

Track Inspection

A self-paced course for track inspections completely on the OpenLearning platform. This course will cover the fundamental knowledge and skills required to conduct track inspections. The course is focused on Plateway inspection methodologies, but this can be applied to other track inspections. It includes:

  • The measurement methods for defects
  • The definitions for railway terms
  • A description of defects that are encountered during inspections
  • The examples evaluating defects using standards and provide recommended actions to rectify defects
  • Conduct of patrol inspections
  • Conduct of general inspections using
  • Plateway’s general track inspection forms for track and turnouts
  • Conduct of detailed inspections

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