Complete Line Infrastructure Program (CLIP) by Plateway is an OpenTrack add-on for building an OpenTrack model quickly and is a logical store for data input. CLIP is designed to reduce the time taken to build models resulting in more time available for simulation analysis and resultant customer satisfaction

Plateway developed the CLIP add-on for OpenTrack to reduce time spent building models to running simulations. Designed to be complimented with OpenPowerNet modelling requirements. CLIP allows large, complex models to be built with ease and importantly allows better data management.

CLIP allows the importing of virtually all elements of the OpenTrack model infrastructure:

  • Signals (Aspects, sighting distance, type)
  • IRJs and axle counters including overlaps
  • Grades and curves radius
  • Turnouts and crossovers
  • Station areas
  • Speeds
  • Electrical sections
  • Graphical elements (shapes, text)

In addition, routes and paths are all ready to load straight into OpenTrack with no manual intervention required through the .plist format.

All data inputs are stored in individual excel files, allowing easier checking and verification of data. Importantly, these details can be completed independent of the OpenTrack software. Infrastructure can be rapidly changed by adjusting the sheets and reloading. CLIP has a built-in facility to convert 12D grade and curve outputs directly into CLIP format.

Advantages of CLIP in Your Organisation

CLIP is the next stage of progression of OpenTrack model development, delivering the ability to:

  • Build large complex networks with ease
  • Data input independently of OpenTrack
  • Rapidly test different asset configurations
  • Logical, clear model data input outside OpenTrack for presentation
  • Turn the focus from model development to running simulations
Additional information or enquires can be answered by getting in touch with Plateway as the originator and support provider for CLIP