Railway Service Design

  • Railway network simulation using OpenTrack
  • Single train simulation using OpenTrack
  • Timetable design using Viriato
  • System haulage capacity assessment

Railway Network

Plateway provides railway design services using a combination of micro-simulation software and other planning tools. Infrastructure and operational micro-simulation planning allows an organisation to obtain accurate statistics on possible outcomes, analyse networks without risk and make network decisions and changes based on observed network behaviour.

System Haulage Capacity Assessment

Using a range of tools, Plateway assists railway organisations and customers in assessing and optimising their rail transport system capacity for both freight and urban passenger operations. These studies have involved the deployment of our in-house cost modelling software as well as the OpenTrack and Viriato operational planning and simulation tools to test different rollingstock options, infrastructure asset configurations and investment scenarios. Our capability has been developed to emulate that of the Swiss transport planning process, and takes account of assessment of all project costs and benefits (including system capacity and transit time); and consideration and optimisation of all affected stakeholder groups including passenger and freight customers.