Software Overview

Plateway is the Australasian distributor of several innovative software solutions for railway operation and system design. As well as being a power user of many of these tools. Developed in Switzerland and Germany each of these tools are proven applications in supporting world’s best practice transport planning techniques.

Plateway resells, trains and supports these products globally with an emphasis on the Oceanian, South East Asian, Indian and Southern African regions.

Plateway has significant experience in utilising these software for railway service design using a combination of micro-simulation software and other planning tools for a range of applications such as:

  • Calculation of headway
  • Verification of signalling system
  • Verification of timetable (including robustness and stability to incidents and recovery from delays)
  • Validate the infrastructure supports the operational requirements
  • Quantifying energy consumption

With clients in both the freight and passenger sectors, and experience in delivery within Australia and internationally, Plateway has a range of experience in the use of these tools in different environments.

Advantages of Railway Simulation:

  • Computer simulation allows a virtual reconstruction of complex systems both natural and human.
  • Takes into account the combined effect of all known variables and uncertainties.
  • Very cheap means of obtaining experience.
  • Unexpected problems and conflicts within a system can be detected and solved.

Benefits of Using a Simulation Package Include:

  • More control of modelling parameters.
  • Reduces risk.
  • Reduce project lengths.
  • Visual representation which flowcharts and spreadsheets do not have.
  • Reduce design errors in the preliminary stages.
  • Can help decide project feasibility.
  • All benefits can reduce costs.“