Railway Engineering

  • Technical standards assessment Reliability analysis, asset condition assessment
  • Work program development
  • Infrastructure and rollingstock acceptance testing
  • Siding and terminal design
  • Derailment and incident investigation

Technical Standards

Plateway can customise rules, guidelines or characteristics in line with current standards for railway operations and assets. Plateway has access to most Australian, US and International Standards for terminology, symbols, marking and labelling that apply to function and behaviour and measurable specifications for rail systems.

Reliability Analysis, Asset Condition Assessment

Plateway has qualified, railway experienced engineering staff across all infrastructure disciplines. Plateway has extensive experience in carrying out asset condition surveys of track, bridges, signalling and electrical railway infrastructure as stand alone exercises, or as part of an ongoing requirement as a manager of a rail network.

Derailment and Incident

Plateway provides independent, timely response services to a number of clients in undertaking derailment and incident investigation in conformance with Australian rail safety requirements. We have staff with investigative qualifications and possess a range of specialised measuring and analysis equipment to enable on-site assessments.

Infrastructure & Rollingstock Acceptance Testing

Plateway provides testing and commissioning of plan development for track and signalling as well as providing operational specifications. We can undertake rollingstock commissioning that includes type approval testing and regulatory conformance.

Siding and Terminal Design

Plateway are specialists in siding and terminal design and build. We can undertake extensive simulation testing of layouts and then undertake a building management program.

Work Program Development

Plateway can provide ‘hands-on’ management of resources for construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure including work program development and project prioritisation.