Safety System Development

  • Development of railway safety management systems compliant with AS4292
  • Railway safety audits See More

Development of Railway Safety Management Systems

Plateway has designed financial, quality, rail safety, occupational health, safety and environment management systems for use in its own operations as well as for maintenance regimes for customers. Several of these systems have achieved rail safety accreditation in compliance with Australian Standard AS4292.

Our implementation approach is focused on achieving system compliance. This is delivered through a structured review and audit process covering documentation, as well as the delivery of compliance in the field by the contractor. Systems can include:

  • Worker competency matrices with enabling compliance;
  • Identification of competence procedures for track and civil, structures, signalling and safeworking, plant and equipment;
  • Communication protocols;
  • National accreditation;
  • Functional categorisation in accord with national safety standards; and
  • Sample briefing procedures and presentations.

Railway Safety Audits

Audits are usually planned on a regular basis to educate and improve rail transport operators’ motivation and capacity to proactively manage their safety risks and establish a continually improving safety culture. They are designed as a positive measure to ensure persons undertaking railway operations meet their obligations to comply with rail safety legislation and to ensure that rail transport operators meet compliance with their regulatory obligations. Plateway can assess compliance or facilitation of procedures, safety improvement needs and risk based approaches.