Projects Overview

Plateway provides high quality services using an array of resources and tools complemented by a wide range of skills and experience across various railway management disciplines.

Ivanhoe Tronox Rail Siding

Siding Design

2018— current

Tronox, formerly Cristal Mining, extracts and processes titanium ore, zircon and other materials. They manufacture products that add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper and other everyday products.

Tronox is planning to commence a fourth mine in Australia called Atlas-Campaspe in the Murray Basin. Atlas-Campaspe is located 80 km north of Balranald and approximately 270 kms from Broken Hill.

Plateway provided an engineering design for the Ivanhoe Rail Siding for the terminal and mainline connection; and obtained regulatory approval for the terminal and ARTC’s approval for the connection.

Currently Plateway provides technical railway engineering services including design support, assistance with procurement, site surveillance, checking QA, operational readiness and commissioning of the siding.

As part of the procurement assistance, Plateway has integrated aerial and ground surveying capabilities to produce models of the siding to be constructed including a Digital Terrain Model and an interactive 3D model. These models have been used to produce a comprehensive virtual site tour of the siding.

On photo: Tronox Snapper Mine, photo courtesy of Tronox.

CSA Mine Yard Management

Specialist Railway Management
2009 — Current

CSA Mine is an underground copper mine located in Cobar, Central Western NSW. The mine produces over 1.1 million tonnes of copper ore and produces in excess of 185,000 tonnes of copper concentrate per annum.

In 2009, Plateway was contracted to review the track structure capacity, develop yard track maintenance plans, prepare private siding registration and update the associated management system documentation to be compliant with the private siding registration.

Plateway, acting as Rail Infrastructure Manager, conducts detailed annual, patrol and general inspections; manages and maintains a record of inspections including the asset fault exceedances; procures and manages track maintenance and CapEx works; prepares annual activity statements to meet statutory reporting requirements; and prepares and issues Quality Assurance documentation upon completion of works.
2013 – current

In 2013, Casino Rail Freight Terminal (CRFT) was formed to operate as a farming and logistics operation in Casino, NSW. Current operations include developing an integrated rail logistics centre and an agriculture business, capitalising on its excellent location by improving rail and road connection between Casino and the ARTC mainline and acting as a key storage facility on the eastern seaboard.

The integrated rail logistics centre is intended to provide affordable alternatives for non-critical containerised freight and bulk freight. The agriculture business aims to provide the supply of free-range eggs, beef and timber from owned properties nationally.

Plateway has been appointed as Project Manager for the terminal development. Design of the terminal and connection to the mainline has been completed.

Currently, CRFT owns 500 ha of grazing fields and holds over 100 cattle. In 2019, Casino was experiencing severe drought, which required the provision of additional water storage and improving the water irrigation network. Plateway designed and supervised the installation of the water storage and upgrade to the water irrigation network.

Bomen Industrial Park-RiFL Hub

Siding and Terminal Design
2011— 2016

Wagga Wagga, NSW offers excellent access to all state capital cities. The Riverina Intermodal Freight & Logistics (RiFL) Hub will capitalise on this excellent location by improving rail and road connection between Wagga Wagga and its position on the important Sydney to Melbourne rail line.

Plateway provided cost estimation of the siding complex, a concept design, developed the connection agreement application and provided railway technical support.