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Using CLIP

The CLIP program requires 11 mandatory input files plus an additional 7 optional input files.

The 11 mandatory input data files each specify:
  • Track connector location.
  • Track placement order
  • Turnout location
  • Crossover location
  • Station location
  • Signal type and location
  • Gradients of the track sections
  • Labels

In the mandatory files there must be data for at least one track. This track is known in CLIP as the reference track and is typically the main track (or one of the main tracks) . Other tracks may if desired have their data copied from the main reference track or may have their own data set.

The 7 optional input data files specify the:
  • IRJ and Axle counters
  • Substation data
  • Feeder data
  • Electrical section data
  • Routes data
  • Paths data
  • Itineraries data

The first three optional input data files (Substations data, Feeder data and the Electrical Section data) are for use in a CLIP model designed for use with OpenPowerNet. The remaining three optional files (Routes, Paths and Itineraries data) are for leading routes, paths and itineraries into CLIP. CLIP would normally generate the routes, paths and itineraries itself, but the user has the option of editing or even creating these files for CLIP if they so desire.

Input files can be loaded onto CLIP either individually (usually the first time), or en masse using a batch file.

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