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Use CLIP to rapidly develop large OpenTrack infrastructure models
CLIP greatly reduces this the time to build an OpenTrack model by automating the OpenTrack infrastructure model building. CLIP users have reported a more than 75% reduction in time taken to build an OpenTrack model using CLIP compared to other OpenTrack model building methods.

CLIP takes user input files in a simple format and creates a Path List file which is loaded into OpenTrack, producing a fully built model with no further working required within OpenTrack.

CLIP is fast because it:
Builds a completed OpenTrack infrastructure model with no further working required once loaded into OpenTrack.
  • Allows multiple tracks to be loaded into OpenTrack such that they are all correctly connected up to each other.
  • Does all the combining of data for gradients, curves, speeds, signals, etc itself. The user enters data in simple and separate tables and CLIP takes care of combining the data into a single model.
  • Works out where to place the tracks on the page using a few simple parameters.
  • Places labels for all signals, stations and other points of interest as desired.
  • Automatically build routes and overlaps and automatically attaches overlaps to the end of routes.
  • Automatically build paths.
  • Allows for manual but rapid definition of itineraries.
  • Allows any aspect of a model to be quickly modified and reloaded without requiring the rebuilding of the rest of the model

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